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Currently Claudia offers, private sessions, using the Akashic Records as her main source of channeling to create a unique treatment for every client. Providing individual protocols to heal the inner child, the ancestors, past lives, and the information that is stored at a cellular memory while healing the perception and emotions of the past, therefore transforming the present and future. Claudia’s experience with the Akashic Records have taught her that healing has to come from within and we must connect to our souls Journey to heal and balance our karma. Her passion for healing has driven her to teach these tools in her monthly workshops, whether it is virtually or in person, Claudia is committed to the transformation of humanity.

She offers group classes, client sessions as a practitioner, private spiritual coaching, and group workshop leader, she helps people transform their lives by providing fascinating and practical information that can be put to daily use immediately.

Her mission is to help you go deep within to find yourself without the suffering. Through the messages of your Spiritual teachers and guides, she will teach you that painful experiences are not necessary to recognize your nature and your purpose. She will help you change the way you view your experiences, guide you to clearing and balancing your karma and by doing this, you will get rid of all the layers that are holding you hostage to suffering.


My Desire for you..

My desire is to help you find who you truly came here to be. Through the messages of your masters and sacred guides, I will teach you that painful experiences are not necessary to recognize your true nature.

To help you change how you view your experiences and to focus on balancing your karma. By doing this, you will shed all the excess layers of your being, all that keeps you hostage to suffering. I desire to reach as many people as I can and teach practical tools and plant the seeds of awareness, to teach you to be present in this life experience, to be mindful of your thoughts and actions, and most importantly, to be at peace.